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About Bindy Johnson

From a young age Bindy has been a sensitive being. Some of her early memories include at the age of five Bindy would gaze at a beautiful floral Persian rug that hung on the wall of her family’s apartment. Bindy would watch the flower pattern move before her eyes.  She would sit before this rug watching it dance for her, thinking everyone saw the rug in this way.  Years later, when her mother gifted the tapestry to her, Bindy shared the story with her mother of her experience as a child.  To Bindy’s surprise her mother then shared that this tapestry was a hammock that hung in her mother’s childhood home in Tehran, Iran. When Bindy’s mother was a baby, her grandmother would put her mother in the hammock and swing it gently for her to play while Bindy’s grandmother would go about her things in the home. The flowers that danced for Bindy carried the energy of all the pure love that had been held within it.



Throughout Bindy’s elementary years she would know or sense things that she would share with her mother. At the same time, her mother was raising her with ancient medicine that she had grown up with.  When growing pains came, her mother taught her hypnosis and meditation to move the pain. Bindy was only 7 years old or younger when her mother gifted her with this seed.

Like many teens she had many challenges, which truly paved the way to having a deep appreciation for abundances that came her way, for the exchange of love between friends and partners, for freedoms gained and lost, and most importantly for the power of believing in yourself and trusting in your inner guidance. As the call of her spirit grew, she found herself exploring spirit through Tarot when she was 14 and feeling at home in metaphysical shops.

Just after completing high school, at the age of 19, Bindy was in a serious car accident and was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. For many years she experienced a life’s journey with physical pain and poor sleep.  Not wanting to take the long list of medications typically recommended for this, Bindy began exercising.  Soon the symptoms began to disappear and her love for fitness grew.  By the time she was 22 her fibromyalgia symptoms were gone, she became a certified personal trainer and a spinning instructor and began working one on one with people to empower them and reconnect them to their inner strength, health and vitality.  She walked the path of a personal trainer for 13 years, ultimately having two training offices in Chelmsford and Tewksbury and a team of trainers under her business Body Tonic.

In 2001 her love for nature and backpacking led her and her husband to camp and hike the United States for 10 weeks, covering 35 states and over 25 national parks.  Tenting in Death Valley, watching Buffalo in the Badlands, becoming one with the rich lush forest of the Hoh Rainforest and many more discoveries all expanded her.  Three months later, she made way for Iran, spending 21 days traveling from Shiraz to the Caspian Sea, spending time in Persepolis, Naqsh-eRustamp, Cyrus's Tomb, Ghaleh Dokhtar and many other ancient ruins. The gifts of her mother’s Persian teachings and pieces of her lineage becoming more clear.

Being guided to energy healing, Bindy became trained as a Reiki Master and Teacher in 2004. Two years later, while pregnant with her daughter Bella, Bindy and Bella became attuned to Magnified Healing.  It was during this time that a series of events came to pass that when Bindy was 8 months pregnant with Bella she closed the doors to her training company and a new path began to emerge.  With Bella just a few months old, Bindy began studying Shamanism with Shaman Steve Wilson, and soon after Sound Healing found her.

In the years that have followed, Bindy has continued exploring and moving each day more deeply into her heart.  She began traveling MA & NH monthly in 2008 feeling very strongly guided to spread and share Sound Healing to communities and schools. In 2011 she became a recording artist recording her first sound healing shamanic journey cd “Elevated Pathways” and then opened Illuminations of Gaia healing center in September of 2012.  She has offered Sound Baths to students and faculty at schools across the state such as North Middlesex High School’s Special Needs Summer Enrichment Program, Dr. Franklin Pierce School, Lawrence Academy’s Annual Winterium program, Groton Dunstable High School's annual Mental Health and Wellness week, Northboro High School, Townsend Middle School during MCAS week and more.

Bindy is also trained in Kundalini Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Restorative Yoga.  

Each piece of her journey has left her with a deep appreciation for life, culture, and the beauty of just being. The information is within, weave fluidly to find your medicine.

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