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Bindy has been working with Crystal Tones since 2008.  As New England's Crystal Tones Temple keeper, she offers a selection of Temple Alchemy Crystal Bowl Sets that are available to purchase and bring home.  These sets are simply divine!  You can learn more by visiting the Temple Bowls Sets for Sale page.
If you are looking for something different, Bindy can assist you with this as well.  She will work directly with Crystal Tones in selecting the crystal bowls that match with your intentions.
 Please read through the entire section of Crystal Singing bowls to become more familiar.  Once complete please email Bindy at and explain what you are looking for and what your budget is. This will assist Bindy in her recommendations as we work together to build your set. 
Bindy does recommend ordering bowls in pairs, sets of 3 are most ideal, master sets of 7 are deeply profound. If this is your first crystal singing bowl purchase and you choose a single bowl, you will very quickly return to Bindy to add at least one more.  The crystal bowls want to harmonize with each other. It is truly best to have us harmonize your pair or sets together. You can always add additional pairs or sets over time as you build your collection. 
The deepest gift the crystal singing bowls bring is surrender.  Open your heart to this and the magic of it all will find you.
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