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Usui Reiki

Bindy studied with her teacher Susan Carson in 2004. She spent two years exploring and deepening her practice before beginning to teach Reiki to students in 2006. It has been a deeply rich journey which continues to grow, and offer so much to her heart. Each year Bindy offers her training 2-4 times and limits her classes to 6 students. The intimate space allows for a sacred journey among the students that continues to unfold for them over the course of the year that follows class.

Bindy follows in her teacher’s path and the path before hers of a 4 level training series. Over the years Bindy has shifted the name of the Level III and Level IV training. She has removed the word Master from the training, because truly as each day passes Bindy believes how can one say they are a master when with each breath we have here on beloved earth we continue to learn, grow and expand. To channel the energies of the divine is to surrender, within that to call herself a Master of this or anything else she practices or has studied is not the truth her heart speaks.

Also added to the training is the requirement that students must have received a 60 minute private energy healing session within 3 months of their class. This keep the student in alignment with what they are coming to study and possibly offer to the public. It is also a reminder that self care, and being the one on the table to receive and witness yourself is equally as important as giving and holding space for others.


Usui Reiki I : 9:30-4:30pm : $175 : basic foundations; history, chakras, hand placements. Sound meditation, guided meditation, attunement, hands on practice. Includes course book

Usui Reiki II : 9:30-4:30pm : $250 : 3 symbols. Distant healing, sound meditation, guided meditation, attunement, hands on practice.

Usui Reiki III – Advanced Reiki Training: 9:30-4:30pm : $325 : 4 symbols. Crystals, clearing, sound meditation, guided meditation, attunement, hands on practice.

Usui Reiki IV – Reiki Teacher : 9:30-4:30pm : $400 : Review of each training level, review attunement for each level, teaching tips and tools. Includes teacher’s manual.

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