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Welcome to illuminations of gaia

Crystal Tones Temple

Illuminations of Gaia was birthed in 2012 when Bindy was guided to take her private spiritual healing practice into a wider lense.  


​When you enter the studio you feel the sacred container space, that is held here with much thought and heart.  The walls share the wisdom threads of many faiths. 


Bindy was born into this world into the Muslim faith and has spent her life exploring many faiths, finding the seeds of the heart within them all. 


Inside Illuminations of Gaia is also a Crystal Tones Temple, the only  in New England.  After working with Crystal Tones for  10 years in 2018 Bindy opened the temple where she has many deeply moving alchemy crystal singing bowls sets available to purchase.  Their high frequency and medicine fill the space for all to gaze at and receive.​ 


When we each walk through the door here, we walk through with our feet bare and our hearts opened.  We come together as one and we continue to build a community that is dedicated to healing our hearts and living more authenticly through our heart space.

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