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Diana Harris

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Diana Harris is a nationally recognized intuitive counselor, psychic medium, wisdom teacher, and holistic healer. Spending 20+ years honing her intuitive and healing abilities, Diana is frequently sought after for the accuracy of her intuitive services, mediumship abilities, and dynamic workshops. Ms. Harris gently lifts the veil of fear and illusion so that those that come to her are liberated and more empowered to honor their Highest Potential. Her style is evocative of the well-known aphorism: “Know thyself and thou shalt know the world.”  Diana has a deep connection to Mother Earth and works with her Wisdom Keepers. She incorporates her knowledge of the medicine power of animals, totems, archetypes, and vibrational healing into her practice. This ancient knowledge is a methodology for self-understanding, healing, and spiritual growth.


Some have dubbed Diana, the “Happy Medium” because she brings much Light and Joy to her work.  She has been featured on DiggRadio Boston, WBZ, Explore Your Spirit, Hawaii’s Inspiration Radio and others. In Feb 2011, her writings were published in the book, Love Like God.  Ms. Harris has a growing list of national and international clients. She is currently working on a solo book project. It is due out in late 2020.  Learn more about Diana:

Sat Tara Kaur


"I’ve had interest and experience in many forms of yoga over the last 15 years of my life.  Currently, my home practice is Kundalini Yoga, which I have been practicing for about 7 years.  It has been a solid anchor for me in an ever changing world.  I love Kirtan, yoga, meditation, dance, art, animals, nature and breathing with ease.  I’m hoping, by teaching Kundalini yoga and practicing together, that the practice will strengthen our connection to the Higher Self and give tools to support stability in our daily lives." ~ STK

Kristen Lamarre


Kristen is known for her precise yet lighthearted approach to yoga. Coming from a background in biology and a love of anatomy Kristen weaves structure and alignment with free movement and exploration. She encourages students to connect with their own bodies and create movement that honors these connections. She understands that all bodies are different but believes that yoga can be done by everyone if we listen to ourselves. Yoga after all is a practice of connection.


"I am an environmentalist, a dreamer and an optimist. My best friend is a dog and my feet are always dirty. I create and eat delicious plant based food. I practice yoga and love to share this practice. I am learning to live my life based on my truths." ~ KL

Shagufta Rahman


Shagufta first came to yoga during college, taking classes as they were available.  This basic introduction to yoga was enough for her to pursue a more regular practice and during this time she came across one of her mentors Barbara Rich of Kripalu who taught a very meditative, breath-focused sequence that resonated deeply with Shagufta.  This foundation of breath-work would become a guiding light for her during a time of loss in her family and helped her begin her  journey into a formal training of mind and body.  Yoga saved her!

Kayla Robillard


Kayla Beth is a Certified Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master and Thai (Yoga) Massage Practitioner. She received her yoga certification from Frog Pond Yoga Centre in 2013 and is Yoga Warriors (Trauma) Certified. Kayla Beth holds a Masters and a CAGS in Special Education with over decade of experience in teaching children with special needs. Kayla is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Education. Kayla Beth sees students privately for private yoga instruction and Thai Yoga Massage here at Illuminations of Gaia. She can be contacted via email for private sessions at

Ulrika Sullivan


Ulrika Sullivan is a certified life coach, yoga teacher, radio podcast host and writer. Her passion is to help you see your life in a new light and reconnect to your inner calm and long term life balance. Ulrika combines intuitive coaching, universal spiritual principles, energy leadership, yoga, meditation and essential oils in her practice.

Learn more about Ulrika

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